Core Values

Edutronics is a company that offers a variety of solutions to Educational Institutes & Corporates in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and UAE. We believe that curiosity fuels new ideas, learning, and growth. We specialize in STEM Education and Robotics.

Why Choose Us

We are passionate about education and technology. We believe that no technology is ‘too advanced’ for a young learner. At EduTronics, we have a firm faith in the fact that electronics, mechanics, robotics and programming go beyond the traditional sciences and have an element of art and creativity. We enable young minds to express their creativity in a scientific manner.

Our objective is to make learning practical, fun, and application based. We want to empower students with knowledge that helps them to create innovative designs, products, and solutions using their own creativity.

What We Offer

  • STEM Education
  • Robotics Workshops for schools and colleges
  • Robotics Workshops as team-building activity for corporates
  • Customized projects and workshops based on the needs of the audience
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